Italian Mosaic and Glass Mosaic Manufacturer

Travisanutto is an Italian mosaic manufacturer that has been creating for years artistic mosaics that have been placed in squares, schools, murals, embassies and public buildings. We are above the most well-known glass mosaic manufacturers thanks to our experience and an unparalleled expertise of every mosaic technique: not only the modern methods, but also the classic ones. We can create mosaics in traditional Byzantine and Roman styles as well as in contemporary designs: as you know, the world of mosaics is characterized by a wide variety of techniques, styles and forms, and we can use all of them.


Travisanutto: Mosaic Italian Manufacturer

We are glass mosaic manufacturers who produce glass tiles being able to manage any kind of project: we are leader in the field of artistic mosaics due to the quality of our artworks. Design, craftsmanship and artistry are combined in order to give life to exceptional creations that can valorize every context.

Our works are suitable for a lot of exterior and interior applications, from underground stations to churches, from facades to swimming pools, from museums to fountains. This is why customers who are in search of a famous and appreciate Italian mosaic manufacturer can choose Travisanutto being sure to make the right decision.


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