Marble Mosaics

People who are in search of marble mosaics can choose Travisanutto in order to find the creations of hand cut mosaic artists who use modern and traditional techniques to give life to an extraordinary art. Marble mosaics can be placed in a large variety of environments and contexts: private houses and hotels, but also swimming pools, gardens, malls, offices, airports, and so on.


Travisanutto marble mosaics creator

Sizes, shapes and colors can be chosen by customers according to their tastes and their requirements. Precious materials are utilized for modern and classic decorations which show a millimeter accuracy, and the beauty of marble mosaics is valorized by a detailed design, which leads to a perfect manufacture. Any design can be transformed into mosaic art: any picture, any painting or any portrait can be take on a new appearance.

From geometrical decorations to nature, from figurative images to real scenes, there are a lot of opportunities that deserve to be taken with the aim of reaching beauty and elegance. Our mosaics are the result of our passion and the true reflection of our talent: every artwork is handcrafted in a very meticulous way and with the maximum attention.


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