Smalti Mosaic Designs

Smalti mosaic designs are based on a material that is very fine: these creations are able to combine artistry, tradition and history, elements that are reflected in works that can be considered real pieces of art. Smalti is a mosaic glass that is traditional hand-cut and is characterized by an original look. Authentic smalti is cut from pieces of opaque glass that has reflective qualities and a unique brilliance: each tessera is hand-cut, so that the artistic part of these works can be valorized.


Travisanutto smalti mosaic designs

Smalti is a mosaic material that can be used for a lot of different applications, both outside and inside (picture frames, mirrors, backsplashes and other decorative items are just some example of this): this is due to its fascinating texture, but also to its intense and strong colors. These characteristics make it perfect, for example, for fine art mosaic designs, murals and panels. Its textured and uneven top surface is 100% waterproof and weatherproof, as well as fadeproof.

Travisanutto has a large experience in the field of smalti mosaic designs: we use traditional techniques in order to give life to creations that can reproduce ancient works in a perfect way.


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