Our History

Giovanni Travisanutto was born in 1938 and started the Scuola di Mosaico in Spilimbergo in 1949. After completing his four-year course, he was asked to stay on, first as an assistant and later as a teacher. His relation with the school continued until 1970, when he was invited to run the Crovatto Mosaics, a mosaic workshop in New York. He immediately and eagerly took up the offer, which would play a key role in the entire future of Giovanni Travisanutto and the company that would later bear his name.

During a decade in the United States, Giovanni Travisanutto met numerous artists and architects, forging bonds with clients that still live on fruitfully today.

Miotto Mosaic Art Studios Inc. of New York and Conrad Pickel studio of Florida are two of the company’s best established partners.

The Travisanutto Giovanni srl Artistic Mosaic studio and workshop was founded in Spilimbergo in 1979, upon the founder’s return from America.

Initially with the help of his wife Lina and subsequently with the addition of his son Fabrizio to its ranks, the workshop grew rapidly and became renowned for the production of first-rate Artistic Mosaics both in religious settings and in public works.

The many prestigious locations that are home of Mosaics by Travisanutto include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. and the Basilica of Knock in Ireland, as well as numerous other churches worldwide, more than 40 subway stations in New York, and the airports of Washington D.C., Atlanta, Orlando and Seattle.

Schools, public buildings, embassies, squares and murals are some of the hundreds of places where their Artistic Mosaics have been created in the last 40 years.

Travisanutto’s master Mosaic makers boast unparalleled expertise of all mosaic techniques, from classic and byzantine to modern methods. They allow clients to see their ideas made into mosaics that are perfectly aligned with the required style and setting.

Travisanutto is a global leader in the field of Artistic Mosaics and it is able to produce works on even a vast scale with reasonable timeframes by collaborating with the numerous artisans from the Spilimbergo scene.

The experience of many decades creating Artistic Mosaics in all different techniques makes Travisanutto’s studio synonym of the best available quality.

Storia - Giovanni Travisanutto

“In the future, the lasting beauty of the Artistic Mosaics that we produce will be witness of our work, so we give maximum attention to every single detail.

From the creation of the design to the final installation of the work, every tessera is shaped by loving expert hands, in accordance with our tradition.”

Fabrizio Travisanutto

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