How a mosaic is created

The crucial steps in the creation of a work of art


  • Presentation of the design/sketch of the mosaic that is required and the dimensions of the locations where it will go.
  • We will prepare an offer indicating the best materials, techniques and installation methods for the project.
  • Preparation a full-size paper drawing.
  • Creation of the Artistic Mosaic.
  • Crathing and shipment.
  • Final installation on site.

Giorgio Vasari, an illustrious 16th century art historian, called Mosaics “paintings for eternity” underlining what are still today universally recognized as the most important distinctive qualities of this form of art: weatherproof durability and perpetual chromatic beauty.

An Artistic Mosaic always stems from an idea; an image that is chosen to lasts forever using marble and glass tesserae.

Whether the work is public, private or religious, the choice of the subject plays a crucial part in the success of the final Mosaic.

If the sketch is well suited to the architectural setting for the Mosaic, the artwork is guaranteed to fill the surroundings with a pleasant sense of harmony.

At Travisanutto we have vast, ongoing experience, working closely with internationally renowned artists of different styles. We ensure they will receive the most suitable techniques to make their creations into flawless Mosaics.

As well as hyperrealistic classic works such as portraits, landscapes and natural compositions with an array of forms and colours, we can produce modern and abstract Mosaics using a variety of tessera formats.

In the religious art, we are masters of byzantine, which has followed the same strict rules for more than a thousand years. Our work can be seen in some of the most important religious location of the world, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. and the Basilica of Knock in Ireland, these certainly most prestigious of many others.

Once the sketch has been decided and we have been given the dimensions and details of the final location (including whether the Mosaic will be outside or inside, on a wall or on the floor), we will be able to provide promptly with a quote.

We will give a range of possibilities of the best techniques in the creation of the Mosaic required and the options for a correct installation.

We will produce a full-size hand drawing on which it will be possible to make any correction required and we will show the materials that we have at our disposal for the production of the project.

The choice of colors is practically endless thanks to the use of Smalti Glass and Gold from Murano and Venice and a polychromatic range of natural marble. We can guarantee that our Mosaics will stay forever.

During the creation of the project, it will be possible to visit our studio in Spilimbergo to view all the stages of the Mosaic creation, thus allowing the client to appreciate the details and behind the stage.

In Spilimbergo, it will be possible to visit the Scuola di Mosaico, which is a real gem like nowhere else in the world. Sourrounded by our beautiful Alps and enchanting landscapes, taste a good glass of wine together with the Prosciutto of San Daniele.


A wonderful art tradition placed in a beautiful area makes a trip to Spilimbergo unique and special.

Our expert hands will be honored in serving the creation of a masterpiece.


Our Artistic Mosaics are unique, authentically made in Italy.



Looking forward in seeing you.


Fabrizio Travisanutto

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