Techniques and materials

We take great care over every detail, in every stage of the working process.


Creating Artistic Mosaics, at Travisanutto Giovanni srl we adapt our techniques, adhesives, supports and installation to match the specific features of a project, both on an artistic point of view as well as technical terms.

Our Mosaics can be placed on floors, walls, ceilings and domes. They can be inside or outside, on surfaces or under water. We guarantee their durability in all cases.

We use the famous Smalti Glass and Gold made in Murano and Venice, together with a polychromatic range of natural marble.

We can supply reverse Mosaics on paper, which is an ideal way to cover curved surfaces such as domes and areas where a perfectly smooth final effect is required.

We are also experts in the direct technique, both on mesh, on wood or on aluminium honeycomb panels.

We use adhesives with exceptional characteristics that are guaranteed to withstand extreme temperatures, water and frost.

For every idea that you have, we will recommend the best solutions and decide how to make it into a Mosaic and install it in your location.

The production times for our products are very short because we can count on a group of master Mosaic artisans with decades of experience.

In addition, we have teams of installers who can travel all over the world.

We realize that every artwork is unique and unrepeatable, so we guarantee extremely high quality service in every stage of the production of our Artistic Mosaics.


All of Travisanutto’s Mosaics are strictly and exclusively Made in Italy.

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